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The level of experience and knowledge in our organization has earned us a reputation as trusted experts. We provide clients with efficient, safe solutions to their most complicated challenges.

Fall Protection - Our Professional Engineers have years of experience providing sound technical knowledge and good engineering practices specifically for clients’ fall protection needs.

Confined Space - Our Industrial Hygienists specializing in Confined Space can create hazard identification, entry procedures and rescue plans. They can also provide the training needed to enter confined spaces and perform any work required.

Rescue - Our Rescue Team Managers are world class resources who can assess your rescue needs and outline options for compliant, best practice, cost-efficient rescue coverage.  This may include drafting plans, providing rescue technicians or training your own staff for rescue operations.

Occupational Health and Safety - Our experienced Industrial Hygienists can provide a diverse range of practical and custom solutions to help you address your company’s most pressing health and safety challenges with professional, quality and timely services, all in a cost-efficient manner.

Project Planning - Our team of subject matter experts from around the world have years of experience in assessing a company’s access and rescue needs. GRA’s exceptional standards and uncompromising dedication to safety has afforded us the highest level of respect from our many clients. Because of this, the world’s largest industrial clients have hired us to consult on their project's needs to ensure their ongoing efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance.





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