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Rope Access / Confined Space Tradesmen

Global Rope Access integrated services provide a new way to save significant amounts of money and improve safety during construction and maintenance.

We have a multi-disciplinary workforce of welders, millwrights, pipefitters, ironworkers, NDT inspectors and industrial coaters who can work on the ground or on ropes or in confined spaces.  GRA is your single point of contact for all these services, and our integrated team means one contractor is providing all services.  This allows for better planning, reduced workforce numbers, and greater efficiency.  

Your job doesn’t necessarily have to be great  heights’ for rope access to be a valuable cost-saving strategy. The simplicity and speed of using rope access versus scaffolding, manlifts, cranes, aerial platforms, etc. is the main reason why more and more industries are shifting towards rope access as their primary access method. Another reason is for the impeccable safety record of rope access due to standardized procedures and certified technicians.


Rope Access

Rope Access is a work positioning system that uses two independent ropes for each technician. There are many advantageous in safety, cost, efficiency, scheduling and footprint over traditional methods of scaffolding and lifts. Our technicians are also fully trained and equipped to do the work required once the location is reached.

GRA Rope Access Services:

  • Consulting
  • NDT/NACE inspections
  • Industrial coatings and blasting
  • All Trades (mechanical, electrical, structural)
  • Tensile Fabric Structure Installation
  • High angle and confined space rescue teams
  • Training 



Confined Space

GRA manages all aspects of confined space. This ensures legislative compliance & the highest standard of care. We offer the benefit of using rope access systems in confined spaces to replace scaffolding making the otherwise impossible job possible.

GRA Confined Space Services:

  • Industrial Hygienist to provide:
    • Hazard Assessments
    • Entry procedures
    • Safety Programs (CS, ECP, Respiratory)
  • Training (CS rescue and entry)
  • On site supervision of CS program
  • Working on supplied air
  • HazMat Abatement
  • Certified Confined Space Rescue Techs
  • All equipment for work and rescue

Rope access is a proven system to safely and efficiently access hard to reach places at heights and in confined spaces.

It offers a number of benefits over traditional access methods such as scaffolding, swingstages and cranes.