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Global Rope Access provides training by experienced practitioners with strong field backgrounds who impart real world knowledge.  

Our Trained Instructors are Passionate about Teaching

  • SPRAT & IRATA have both developed rigorous regulations, safety practices, and techniques for rope workers allowing certified rope access technicians to practice in the safest, most effective way possible.
  • GRA’s rope access training consists of 5-day programs which are comprised of 4 days instruction and a final day of assessment/evaluation of skills. The GRA training program is open to Level I, II and III candidates in a combined learning format.
  • Each course prepares students to be strong candidates for certification and within industry. GRA strives to give candidates an overall view of the industry allowing each participant to be informed, practiced, and strong future technicians.


  • An evaluation/assessment will be conducted by a SPRAT Evaluator and/or IRATA Assessor.
  • Both IRATA and SPRAT utilize a written, oral and practical exam.
  • Candidates who successfully pass the evaluation/assessment will receive a certification in SPRAT and/or IRATA valid for 3 years with accompanying ID cards, log books and certificate.
  • GRA’s training staff are experienced rope access technicians who are professional, diversified, and practiced throughout a variety of industries, ensuring a comprehensive and hands-on experience.
  • Students will expand their skill set and gain confidence through our training program. Upon successful completion technicians will be certified technicians in the IRATA and/ or SPRAT systems.

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GRA Rope Access Training Program Dates and Pricing 2017

All of our courses are run out of our facility in Squamish, British Columbia


Courses can be run as SPRAT, IRATA, or Dual certifications.

Pricing by course type is as follows:

SPRAT - $1,600 CAD

IRATA - $1,800 CAD

Dual Certifications - $2,300 CAD

The  Canada-B.C. Job Grant can help cover your Rope Access training costs. Applications are now being accepted for training with start dates between April 1 and Aug 31, 2017


  • May 15-19
  • June 19-23
  • July 10-14
  • August 7-11
  • September 11-15
  • October 16-20
  • November 13-17
  • December 11-15