Women in Rope Access: Tiffany Junge

Tiffany Junge is an IRATA and SPRAT Level 2 who has been on several large-scale stadium projects with GRA. Check out this awesome profile of Tiffany done by

What kind of work do you do?

I started my rope access career one year ago. Since then I have installed ETFE and worked in pipefitting at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. 

What did you do before rope access?

Between paying off student loans and starting my rope access career, I worked for the Remote Access Operations branch of the UN World Food Programme. We established safe paths to the hard to reach villages that lie deep in the heart of the Himalaya that were effected by the 7.8 magnitude Nepal earthquake. After finishing the UN contract, I worked with my partner rigging Space Nets across canyons for commercials and reality TV show challenges. Between rope access contracts, my partner and I rig for stunt men anywhere in the world.

What’s the most interesting/crazy thing that’s ever happened whilst on the job?

While working on a job in Namibia, five of us show up just before sunrise so we can work during the cooler part of the day. As we begin to get our plan ready for the day, we hear “HEY!!” The five of us look at each other with puzzled looks on our faces and begin to scout the trail we came in on. No one is coming down the trail, in fact no one can be found anywhere. We disperse to keep looking for where this shout came from. Then again, “HEY!!” This time, we respond one at a time, “HEY!” To our surprise it comes back immediately, “HEY!” but much deeper than our voices. It was after this third time we were able to follow the source to the ridge directly across this 250 meter canyon from where we were standing. At the very top were two baboons! We all start laughing and continue to shout “HEY” back at the baboons. This exchange of basic communication continues for a couple more minutes. Then just as the sun peaks above the canyon ridge, we hear one last “HEY” from the baboons as one mounts the other and displays, what we conclude as, winning! The five of us have a fit of uncontrollable laughter for roughly 10 minutes before actually starting our work day.

Have you ever seen or been involved in a real rescue situation?

Rescues were performed while I was on the job site, however no rescue was needed within our smaller crew.

What are the best parts about being a woman in the industry?

Blowing minds and away years of expectations that people have in a male dominated career. But the best part is being apart of a sister/brotherhood. 🙂

And the worst?

Not being able to wee in a bottle.

Do you have any requests for features on a female-specific harness, if that were ever to exist?

Nothing female specific, just smaller fitting harness with lots of gear loops.

What’s your favourite piece of rope access gear and why?

5mm paracord. Haha! You can use it for rescues, hand off tools to co-workers, tie down materials, foot loops, etc… It’s a handy lightweight trick to keep on your kit.

What are you goals in terms of rope access?

For now I’m psyched on learning the ropes and being level 2. But there has never been an industry that keeps my stoke and attention as high as rope access, so I’d say I’m in it for the long haul.

Something about yourself?

For all the ladies in this industry, you are incredible bad asses! It was, is and will always be a pleasure to work along side any of you.

Thanks to our friends at Women in Rope Access for this article!