By eliminating the need for scaffolding and cranes, we helped a leading utility provider in Alberta reduce costs by 50%.

As the lead contractor on the project GRA was able to efficiently manage inspection and welding repairs in the vent stacks of a large power facility. The repairs required a shutdown of the facility so time was of the essence. Using rope access we were able to complete the required welding repairs and inspection in less time, and at a reduced cost.

Services rendered:

  • Rigging and Rope Access
  • Visual Inspections
  • Magnetic Particle Inspections
  • Welding Deficiencies
  • Confined Space Program
  • Confined Space Hazard Assessment (CSHA) completed by GRA Industrial Hygienist
  • Project Management, Safety & Rescue Plans

During the construction of a major stadium, traditional methods couldn’t access the working area required for pipefitting, so they called us.

On this mega project there was no way scaffolding would’ve been able to reach the area where the drainage piping and roof bracketing support system needed to be installed. Using rope access our pipefitters were able to access the area and install the required piping at a significant reduction to the overall cost.

Services rendered:

  • Pipefitting Services: Installation of drainage piping and roof bracketing supporting drainage systems
  • Rope Access Rigging and Management Program
  • Rope Access Training
  • Rope Access Equipment

Providing rope access for the construction of a major stadium resulted in a 70% efficiency gain, and millions of dollars of cost savings.

We started by providing rope access for technicians to install panels, extrusion bars, bridges and clips during the construction of a new stadium. The general contractor was so impressed by the efficiency of rope access and the skill in which our technicians provided that access, that they drastically increased the scope of our work on the project.

Services rendered:

  • Specialized Rope Access ETFE panels installation
  • Extrusion bars, bridges, and clip installation
  • Rope Access Management Program
  • Project Management and Safety & Rescue Plans

We had teams working 24/7 to ensure the safety of North America’s largest cable stay bridge.

Our crews worked around the clock to install ice mitigation and automatic releasing methods. We were also responsible for the rigging, and hoisting a lot of the equipment and materials that were required for construction.

Services rendered:

  • Construction and installation services
  • Installation electrical equipment, cabling, and tie in to power snow clearing mechanisms
  • Installation of monitoring equipment
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Access planning and complex rigging/hoisting
  • On call emergency response team
  • Project Management and Safety & Rescue Plans

By eliminating the need for scaffolding we saved a major American power generating company material amounts of time and money.

As a direct result of our involvement we were able to reduce our client’s costs to perform significant work on their biomass generating facility. Our trades completed major welding repairs, completed inspections and provided coatings to compromised areas in confined and hard-to-reach spaces.

Services rendered:

  • Visual inspection
  • Welding repairs
  • Grit blasting and industrial heat resistant double coatings
  • Confined space management program including technicians, access, safety, training and rescue
  • QC client inspection facilitated access
  • Project Management and Safety & Rescue Plans

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