Remote alpine hut at risk of total collapse due to slope instability. GRA contracted to implement stabilization works to preserve historic public recreational site. The Abbot Hut is 2nd highest permanent structure in Canada. Helicopter access only. High profile location.

Work Site

  • Located at 3000m elevation
  • High alpine climate conditions with heavy snowfall potential
  • Sheer cliffs surrounding hut


After significant climate fluctuations, significant slope erosion threatened the foundation collapse of Canada’s highest recreational mountain hut. The Canadian Government contractor requested assistance in executing their technical slope stabilization strategy, and called on GRA first to assist.

GRA organized the coordination of all materials and workforce to the site via helicopter, and performed installation of soil nails.


Extreme terrain, helicopter operations only in tight spaces, over a foot of new snowfall daily throughout 90% of the project

GRA used special helicopter portable equipment, careful risk mitigation, use of an integrated team including ACMG Mountain Guides, Rope Access Technicians, and skilled tradesmen

GRA was uniquely qualified to work on this project due to a strong history working in similar environments with a mountain guide workforce who are adept at problem solving in challenging  mountain terrain/weather conditions.


Under shifting climate conditions and challenging rock and permafrost quality, GRA employed deep experience to provide the best suitable means to execute the contractor’s plan. Phase two of the project is currently being reviewed.