Why we’re different:


There is nowhere we can’t go, whether it’s large projects, extremely challenging access situations or sophisticated maintenance issues, we have a team that not only knows how to get there, but we also have the skilled trades to perform the work once we’re there.


From recognizable landmarks like the Port Mann bridge, Mercedes Benz Stadium and the Glacier Walk to refineries, power plants, and transmission sites across North America, our team has worked in almost every situation imaginable.


We have a team that loves challenges large and small. At the point where most people begin furrowing their brows, and clenching their fists is when we start getting intrigued. Solving problems together is something we love to do, which is why we’ve become so good at it.Learn more about Global Rope Access:

Innovation reshapes every industry.
When it comes to complex access, GRA is at the forefront.

We employ a team of trades who are experts in their chosen field, but also know how to work in complex environments. Whether that means while suspended on the side of bridge, at the top of a power stack, or in a confined space, our trades and team of access experts are the ones to call when your complex access situation is keeping you up at night. We take deep satisfaction from creating solutions that are often more cost-effective, and faster to implement than many of the traditional methods, such as scaffolding.

We’ve helped clients across North America in a variety of verticals.

Our track record speaks for itself. When it comes to complex work in a complex environment, we lead our industry. We have experience in the oil and gas sector, power generation, mining, industrial construction and pretty much any other industry where construction gets complicated. Whether it’s aiding construction on large scale projects, providing ongoing maintenance support, or finding ways to access those places that seem impossible, your challenge is our vocation.

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