Our Team

GRA was founded in 2008 when our team saw a need for innovative ways to complete work in areas that were complex to access. Our teams work at heights, in confined spaces, and other difficult-to-access areas because the challenge interests, and motivates them. This is the thread that unites our culture today. We are a team of people who love being challenged. We thrive in complex situations, and take deep satisfaction from solving problems for our clients in elegant, thoughtful ways.

We are committed to continuous improvement and company growth. We not only have an incredibly skilled, experienced, and diversified workforce that can complete complex projects and work scopes producing high quality results. We also have a highly functional organizational structure and internal processes that allow us to truly support our workers on the ground, our clients, and the project(s) as whole. It’s through our management, administration, technicians, diligent planning and procedures that GRA is able to complete projects end-to-end the right way with integrity.

Our processes, documentation, safety protocols, equipment management, and project planning allow for us to truly meet and align with our client’s goals, needs, and desired outcomes. Through all of this, safety remains at the core of every decision we make, it is our culture and we are committed to advancing our procedures and overall safety onsite at each project.