Netting solutions for Safety, Access, and Bird Exclusion

GRA can install netting products across a variety of industries including infrastructure, ports + terminals, and sports facilities.

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GRA has the capabilities to protect your workers, property and public resources with fall protection netting, debris catchment netting, and bird exclusion netting systems.

We have experience with the design, engineering and installation of work platform netting to facilitate your employees safely accessing hard to reach locations

Take advantage of GRA’s experience and relationships with the major North American netting vendors. Our team can assist you in the development and execution of cost-effective installations for both temporary and permanent netting projects to meet your specific needs for access, safety, environmental management, and asset protection.


Our Netting Project Capabilities Include:

  • Work Platform netting to support the installation of sports stadium roofing
  • Work Platform netting to support custom bridge structure improvements
  • Bird exclusion netting in agriculture terminal silos and facilities
  • Debris catchment netting installation beneath bridges during construction
  • Debris catchment netting installation beneath port and terminal conveyor galleries