We have worked on more North American stadiums than any other rope access company.

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We build the nation’s greatest stadiums.

Our teams of experienced technicians and trades workers complete work at heights for stadium construction and maintenance. We provide access solutions throughout pre-construction, construction, and operational phases for new and existing structures. Our extensive experience coupled with our specialized trade solutions make GRA ideal for accessing and building unique stadiums. We service many different professional sports stadiums including NFL, CFL, MLS, and the MLB.

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Specialized Stadium Trade Services

Tensile Fabric and Facade Services:

ETFE/PTFE installation
Installation of extrusions and bracketing
Pins, clips and bridges
Structural cable installation and tensioning
Repair work and welding

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MEP: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing:

Fixture installations, wiring, and overheard systems
HVAC system installation
Cables: anchors, pulls, tray installation
Conduit and unistrut installation
Waterproofing and gutters
Lightning rod installation

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Coatings and Finishing:

Pressure washing and surface prep
Bolt prep and coating
Priming, coating, and finishing of any surface
Holiday colours and damaged area touch ups

Space Needle Painting 2

Equipment Installations and Rigging


Bird netting and spiking
Debris, walk-on, catchment netting

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Speaker positioning and audio system adjusting
Screen installation and positioning
Skycam and cable cam line installation
Lighting installation, positioning and repair
External and obstruction (aircraft) lighting
Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) cell antenna and wifi installs

Sasco LAFC Stadium Wifi DAS Antenna Installation

Rigging and Access:

General anchors and rigging line installation
Remotely operated rigging systems
Challenging access and temporary fall protection system
Materials hauling systems install
Loads up to +3000lb without need for cranes
External shade panels and special event signage


Maintenance and Inspections

Visual inspections and image/video capture
NDT/NACE inspections
Tensile fabric inspections
Equipment cleaning and repair








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