When you need work done at heights, in confined spaces or other challenging access situations, we are the ones to call.

GRA provides Industrial Rope Access Services including trades, construction, maintenance, and inspections solutions. For each project, GRA manages the project scope. That includes project planning, the creation of safe work plans, team briefing, execution and ensuring a rescue plan is in place.

We can help your trades with access, source other trades, or we can send in ours.

In addition to extensive in-house expertise we have partnerships with several trades companies that ensure we have ample labor and specialized trades availability. We routinely work with clients large and small to provide other teams of trades access in challenging situations. Whether that means installing mechanical equipment at the apex of a bridge or completing welding repairs inside a power stack, our job is to ensure the work gets done and that it gets done safely. We have both the experience and the ability to deploy specialized workforces across many industries and geographic locations.

Find out how rope access can reduce project costs by up to 50%

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