Safety Above All.

Our innovative and proven safety systems lead the way in minimizing work site risk. Our safety management system extends from the office through planning and documentation to diligent safe work practices. Unlike many other rockworks companies, our technicians are trained and certified to Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) standards for work and rescue. All of our jobs are performed to the high standards of both SPRAT and Industrial Rope Access Technician Association (IRATA), having a level 3 Technician overseeing all rope systems in use on site.

As seasoned professionals who have been working in this industry for close to a decade, safety extends through all our employees, to our clients, and job sites at all times. Planning, working safely and preventing accidents is a shared responsibility throughout our entire organization which is why we make sure every detail of our access plan, and the work we’re going to complete is thoroughly considered. Twice. All elements of our planning, training, equipment inspections, and work adhere to rigorous legislative standards that apply to our industry. As part of both our internal safety protocols and industry regulations, we regularly inspect and track our equipment to ensure that it’s compliant and in working order.

GRA is a multi-year recipient of the Association of Geohazard Professionals Annual Award for Safety Recognition. We are grateful to be recognized in the geohazards industry for providing the utmost in safety standards.

Aghp sr recipient 2022