Rope Access

What is rope access?

Rope Access is a technique that allows certified technicians access to hard-to-reach areas using a system of ropes and harnesses. It allows for work at heights and in confined spaces to be completed quickly, safely and cost-effectively. Once in working position, our technicians are able to complete work efficiently and effectively, offering significant advantages over traditional access methods such as scaffolding and man-lifts. Rope access can be used to complement traditional access methods.

Benefits of Rope Access:

1. Typical cost savings of 50% compared to traditional methods
When compared with other access solutions such as scaffolding and man-lifts, rope access is typically half the cost and sometimes as little as a third of the cost. 

2. Work can be completed faster
Rope access is a far more efficient solution compared to traditional methods. The work required by trades is typically the same, but getting them into position takes a fraction of the time.

3. Increased safety
Despite the perceived fragility of rope access it is actually far safer than other methods. With such a huge emphasis placed on safety, and the quality of our technicians, accidents are prevented before they occur.

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