Give your employees the skills they need to execute their trade in complex access environments.

We offer rope access training programs through the Society of Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT). SPRAT has developed rigorous regulations, safety practices, and techniques for rope workers allowing certified rope access technicians to practice in the safest, most effective way possible.

Training consists of 5-day programs which are comprised of 4 days of instruction and a final day of assessment/evaluation of skills. The GRA training program is open to Level I, II and III candidates in a combined learning format. An evaluation/assessment will be conducted by a SPRAT Evaluator. SPRAT utilizes a written, oral and practical exam. Candidates who successfully pass the evaluation/assessment will receive a certification in SPRAT valid for 3 years with accompanying ID cards, log books and certificate.

You’ll learn from working professionals in the field.

Our training staff are experienced rope access technicians who are professional, diversified, and practiced throughout a variety of industries, ensuring a comprehensive and hands-on approach.